As a little girl Jonna dreamed of being a pop star. She grew up in a small town in the East of Finland, dancing in different dance groups, singing in choirs and doing theater. She has collected trophies from ballroom and showdance competitions from Finnish and World championships, including one for beauty and natural charisma when she became Miss Carelia in the year 2000.

After high school Jonna moved to the capital city of Finland where she had more opportunities to work as a dancer, dance teacher and ensemble member in different musicals (”Hair”, ”Grease”, ”Hello Dolly!”). In the summer of 2002 her dream about being a pop star started coming true as she was chosen to be one of the 4 girls in the first Popstars band in Finland. (An Australian reality TV-format where they were looking for members for a band) Jonna didn’t like the music the producers were planning for the band so she took off and signed a record deal with Sony Music Finland as a solo artist instead.

In January 2003 her first single Tyytyväinen came out and put her at the top of the Finnish charts. Between the years of 2003-2006 she released 3 albums with Sony Music Finland, had booming radio play and several top hits on the charts. Jonna has been nominated 4 times at Emma-gala (the Finnish Grammys) with her ground-breaking music that paved the way for many Finnish pop artists to come. Jonna’s music was the first of its kind to combine American influenced pop sounds with Finnish lyrics.

After all the Nationwide success, Jonna wanted to share her story with a wider audience and start singing in English. But since her record label didn’t want to make an english album, she decided to do it independently. Determined to find a fresh angle for her new album, she moved to LA in 2007 and started writing her 4th album there. After a year and a half in LA Jonna moved back to Finland and started looking for a producer who could take her songs to the next level. During these past 6 years Jonna has worked on her album ’Sound Mind’ with 4 different producers, studied Pop & Jazz vocal performance at the best schools in Helsinki and Stockholm and perfected her vision and artistry. She has invested 7 years, thousands of dollars and countless hours into her album and released it in August 2015.